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1、 Perform oil-water separation
Considering that further cleaning may require higher costs, it has been decided through research to use the oil water separation method to remove water from the system. The specific implementation steps of the oil water separation method are as follows:
Compact Excavator 
1、 準備工作
1. Preparation work
Prepare several clean oil drums, 2 clean and rust free iron drums, 2 gas tanks (filled with gas), 2 gas stoves, 1 clean ladle, 1 thermometer, and several lint free cotton cloths.
2、 通過加熱和冷卻分離水分
2. Separation of moisture through heating and cooling
Drain the majority of contaminated and deteriorated hydraulic oil from the main pump suction pipe at once and pour it into two iron drums for heating (split into two drums to shorten heating time). When the temperature of the deteriorated oil in the oil barrel rises to 78-82 ℃, turn off the flame and allow the deteriorated oil to slowly cool. Because the density of oil is smaller than that of water, oil and water will automatically separate (oil above and water below).
When the temperature drops to 68-72 ℃, first use a ladle to gently scoop out the top 4/5 of the spoiled oil and add it to the system. Then, pour out the remaining 1/5 of the oil-water mixture and store it. Finally, dry the heating bucket with a cotton cloth for future use.
3、 重復油水分離動作
3. Repeat the oil-water separation action
Start the excavator and perform a composite action to raise the hydraulic oil temperature to 50 ℃. Each action should not be less than 50 times and the time should not be less than 30 minutes. After completing the composite action, drain all the oil from the system and pour it into a heating bucket for heating. Continue the composite action according to steps 2 and 3, and repeat it more than 5 times. Pay attention to adding new oil into the system during the circulation process.
4. Drain the oil from the system
After completing the last cycle action, level the excavator and fully retract the boom stick and bucket cylinder, allowing the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder and pipeline to flow back to the tank to the maximum extent possible. After turning off the machine, drain the oil from the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic cylinders, pipelines, walking motors, and accessories.
2、 Oil water separation effect
Connect each pipeline connector and add the previously discharged hydraulic oil to the factory standard. Start the excavator and wait for the oil temperature to reach 50 ℃. Let the machine run for 1 hour and observe that the oil is light yellow and has a clear color.
After continuing to use for 10 hours, the oil was observed again and no signs of deterioration were found. The color of the oil remained clear, indicating that the oil was basically normal.
Subsequently, the machine was tracked and no further deterioration of the oil was found. At this point, the problem of deterioration of the engine oil has been completely resolved, and it has been proven that under limited conditions, this oil water separation method is effective.
3、 Preventive measures
According to the actual situation analysis, such a large amount of water can only enter from the refueling port of the hydraulic oil tank, which is highly likely caused by misoperation. The hydraulic oil tank cover of this machine is a simple spin on form without protective lock protection. In order to avoid reoccurrence of misoperation, it was decided to install a protective lock on the hydraulic oil tank cover.
After this treatment method, the problem of water ingress into the hydraulic system has been solved. When we are familiar with this solution, we should pay more attention to preventing this phenomenon, as the machine has been used for a longer time.
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